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Douro - Portugal
22 April 2008

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mark on Chaves - Portugal
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

katalog firm on Chaves - Portugal
exellent shot,great colours and details

Dawn on Chaves - Portugal
Wow!! I like this!! Very nice reflections and pathway.

Eric Cousineau on Chaves - Portugal
Uma captura fantástica! Um jogo maravilhoso de luz e sombras neste tiro muito tranquilo. ;-)

Tracey on Chaves - Portugal
what a beautiful subject! I really like how you used both shadow and light in this photo.

Mags on Chaves - Portugal
Very nice picture, I really like it :)

Dawn on Chaves - Portugal
Beautiful reflection and landscape shot!

Loner on Chaves - Portugal
A very nice landscape image !

Rajesh on Chaves - Portugal
Beautiful. The reflections are excellent.

Rajesh on Barcelos - Portugal
Beautiful shot.

Stephane Themeze on Barcelos - Portugal
The light and site are beautiful!

Warren on Barcelos - Portugal
Nice.. well framed and exposed.

Sean Hallisey on Barcelos - Portugal
i like the angle of the building. well done

probob on Barcelos - Portugal
Marvellous! Looks like painting. Colorful and vivid!

Sean Hallisey on Cais de Gaia - Portugal
great sky in this one

Sean Hallisey on Cais de Gaia - Portugal
very cool.

Douglas on Palácio de Mateus - Vila Real - Portugal
Prime place to visit. Had the chance to visit the castle some time ago by invitation on MATEUS Sogrape Oporto.

sawsengee on Cais de Gaia - Portugal
beautiful shot.....amazing lights, colours & reflection

Hugo on Cais de Gaia - Portugal
Valeu a pena a dor nos pés....

Marie LC on Cais de Gaia - Portugal
Beautiful night scene. Light is excellent ! nice shot

sawsengee on Lagoa azul -Portugal
wonderful lights, colours & view.....a very beautiful scene well captured

Marie LC on O Majestoso Douro
Très beau paysage et belle présentation

sawsengee on O Majestoso Douro
beautiful landscape, wonderful colours, contrast & nicely framed

Walter on O Majestoso Douro
Very nice framing here.

DonLon on O Majestoso Douro
interesting affect. Were you gong for a Lamo affect? Iff so, well done.

peter on Antigos no Douro
what a classic car! great composition too : )

Nestor on O Majestoso Douro
very nice landscape !

firdaus on O Majestoso Douro
wow great panoramic show.. the path on that field look curious :)

Hoshisato on O Majestoso Douro
Great landscape and a very well selected location with the S-curve of the river. very nice!!

DarkElf on Sr. da Pedra - Portugal
wonderful light and colours!

Sarito on Sr. da Pedra - Portugal
Stunning image..

Anna.C on Sr. da Pedra - Portugal
superbe ciel et couleurs sur cette petite église que j'ai eu le plaisir de voir !

Anna.C on Douro - Quinta
très belles vues du Douro et des quintas dans votre portfolio !

Ana Lúcia on Rio Balsemão - Portugal
Parece o paraíso.

Ana Lúcia on Rio Cávado - Portugal
A natureza é fantástica.

Ana Lúcia on Cascata - S. Pedro do Sul - Portugal
Fabulosa pequena cascata.

Ana Lúcia on Aldeias de Portugal - Barcos
O sepia reforçou a ideia de antiguidade.

Ana Lúcia on Aldeias de Portugal - Barcos
A presença humana dá vida à aldeia deserta.

Ana Lúcia on Sr. da Pedra - Portugal
O céu, a cereja em cima do bolo.

Elena Kotrotsou on Sr. da Pedra - Portugal
Excellent composition, great colors!

shafagh on Aldeias de Portugal - Barcos
very well in b/w great composed excellent

Didier DE ZAN on Aldeias de Portugal - Barcos
Nice shot beautiful tones

B. Thomas on Rio Cávado - Portugal
I love reflection shots. Nice!

DarkElf on Rio Cávado - Portugal
this is just picture prefect! superb composition and especially the symmetry captured here as well as fantastic rich ...

M. Garand Photography on Rio Cávado - Portugal
what an amazing reflection

LauraS on Rio Cávado - Portugal
Nicely done. Love the equal reflection to reality balance.

Didier DE ZAN on Rio Cávado - Portugal
Very beautiful colors

jaypee on A ver o rio Douro
Fantastic cloud formations, well captured.

Vachel on Rio Cávado - Portugal
nice composition and reflection

alireza on Rio Cávado - Portugal
wow!! very nice sky and color

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